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Beat Saber - v0.10.2

2018-05-12 14:33:11
beatsaber, update

Beat Saber v0.10.2 released

This is the first update of Beat Saber. We focused on fixing bugs and tweaking small details.
  • When using Oculus Touch controllers in-game pause is triggered by press of a thumbstick (OpenVR SDK) or long press of a left controller's menu button (Oculus SDK).
  • Adjustable player height settings added.
  • Audio volume settings added.
  • Fixed UI bug in leaderboards.
  • Fixed LIV SDK crashing bug.
  • Fixed few errors in some levels.
  • Fixed no arrows mode with mirror option turned on.
  • Room transformation now works with LIV plugin.
  • Small visual tweaks and few renamed labels.
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