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Skyworld - Patch 5

2018-05-12 15:05:53
skyworld, update

Patch 5 Now Live

Hi everyone,

Patch 5 is now live! This is a patch that addresses some minor issues but mostly enriches the Skyworld experience by visually overhauling the game's battle arenas (you know, where you get to kick butt in real-time.)

This minor update paves the way for a bigger Skyworld surprise that is heading your way next week. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Apart from a variety of minor fixes that mainly focus on the multiplayer experience, patch 5 includes:

Visually overhauled battle arenas that now better suit their Overworlds

Upgrading watch towers now provides visual feedback

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Skyworld - Patch 4

2018-05-12 15:05:16
skyworld, update

Patch 4 Now Live

We have added the Multiplayer autosave/resume feature. This allows the player to continue a match at a later point in time. This is useful when a player has to leave or when a disconnect has occurred. To resume a match, the host needs to create a new lobby with the same opponent.
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Skyworld - Patch 3

2018-05-12 15:04:08
skyworld, update

Patch 3 Now Live

Hi all,

Another update from our side. The 3rd patch for Skyworld is live, full patch notes are below. Among other things, this fulfills a recurring request from players: the option to switch on/off the table flip. By switching it off, you will instead of the table flip see a black fade. 

Added features:
  • Option to split language settings for audio and text.
  • Option to switch on/off table flip.

Balance tweaks:
  • Reworked towers and region rules.
  • Towers can now be destroyed even if the enemy general is in the same region.
  • Generals now need to stand next to the tower in order to defend them.
  • Reworked mission 3 end sequence: 
    - Instead of switching to Insane difficulty during mission 3 to force players to lose (as part of the story line), players are now propelled into the end sequence to avoid player confusion.

  • Fixed bug that starts the game in demo mode when you own the full version. (29-11)
  • Fixed bug that soft-locks the game when the player loses a game.
  • Fixed capture/stream camera.
    - Now properly works in the sublevels and during table flip.
    - Now does not respond to VIVE controller input anymore.
  • Fixed localization errors.
    - Fixed menus not adjusting after changing language.
    - Fixed text out of bound in panels.
  • Fixed paratrooper ghost incorrectly rotated.
  • Fixed voice lines bein
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