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VRCHAT 0.11.5p1 - february 4, 2017 - “Silencia tu Micrófono” Edición && VRCHAT 0.11.5p2 - february 7, 2017 - “Stop the Darkness” Edition


  • Features
    • Added PvP muting because sometimes blocking is too much
    • Mods can now turn off players’ mics if the mic is accidentally left on
    • Mods can now turn off players’ mics if the player is singing 80’s pop hits
  • Fixes
    • Fixed occasional hub reload when the master client gets in a bad state
    • Fixed social search


  • Features
    • Mods can reload world for all users in the world
    • Mods can move all users from one world to the HUB
    • Mods can dance if they want to - they can leave their friends behind
  • Fixes
    • Potential fix for users not being able to get into the HUB
    • If the HUB fails to load, VRChat will automatically try to load a new HUB instance

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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