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VRCHAT 0.11.7 - April 14, 2017 - "Private Instances" Edition && VRCHAT 0.11.7p1 - April 25, 2017 - "Finally, A Fix To The About Text" Edition


  • Features
    • Private Worlds - Users can create private copies of public worlds. When creating a new instance, there will be the option to create a friends-only or invite-only private world
    • Request Invite - Users can request an invitation from a friend in an invite-only world
    • Private World Moderation - Authors of any world, and owners of private worlds can kick unwanted users out
    • Microphone Switching - Users can now change their microphones in System Menu
    • Improved Voice - Speech should be more consistent, with less dropout. Users with high latency or low bandwidth should also experience improved voice chat
    • See Friends - Friends are no longer blocked by personal space
    • Seated and Standing Play - Oculus users with an Xbox controller are set for Seated Play, while those with Touch controllers are set to Standing Play. Shortcut menu buttons have been renamed and have icons added.
    • Better video - gamma correction and linear filtering added to YouTube panels
  • Fixes
    • Users who are sitting should appear to be so even when others leave and reenter the world
    • Youtube panels should not sync across worlds
    • Gamma fixed on Youtube Panels
    • VRChat now works with the Steam VR Beta
    • Other users’ mouths move if they are talking even if you have them muted
    • Other users' mouths move if you are talking if you are a ventriloquist


  • Fixed issue where players could not hand an object to another player
  • Fixed spelling mistake in About menu text
  • Fixed issue where remote desktop avatar heads did not rotate up and down
  • Fixed issue where portals to private worlds take users to different instances
  • Fixed issue where avatar pedestals change users remotely but red error avatar appears locally
  • Haptics and dotted lines appear again when hands are close to a pick-up object
  • Notifications now properly clear when accepted or declined once
  • Users should no longer be able to stand on top of each other
  • Presentation room should no longer crash when there are many drawings and someone enters or reloads (unfortunately, this means we don’t always pass older drawings to users when they enter)
  • Avatars load quicker, resulting in less hitching when users enter a world or change avatars

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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