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VRCHAT 0.11.7p2 && VRCHAT 0.11.7p6 && VRCHAT 0.12.0


  • Fixes
    • Improved Performance


  • Features
    • Terms of Service added


  • Features
    • Upgraded to Unity version 5.6.3p1
    • New keyboard supports International layouts
    • Desktop users have full IK
    • Improved Framerate
    • Improved experience for severely degraded connections
    • Supports Vive trackers for full body tracking
  • Changes
    • To change avatars, users must now select the avatar, and then select the “Change” button
    • Removed dynamic light from portal prefebs
  • Fixes
    • Improved voice chat reliability
    • Fixed issue where Unity incompatible microphones resulted in infinite VRChat loop
    • Menu properly scales to avatar’s size
    • Eye and mouth movements now work in mirror (with a delay on the mouth movement)
    • Avatar menu can handle more avatars
    • Desktop users heads are properly rotated when loading
    • Menu opens at proper height when opened when avatar is sitting or crouched
    • Menu does not open underground
    • Smoother arm and hand movement
    • Seats work with moving platforms/vehicles
    • Fixed a bug where you would just feel sad, sometimes, and not know why
    • Better text over portals
    • Many bugs in ownership and event replication
    • Better motion for desktop avatars
  • Known Issues
    • Mirrors degrade framerate
    • Web panels are disabled


  • Features
    • Upgraded to Unity version 5.6.3p1 - allowing for 3d movies, 3d pictures, 3d panorama,, better particle effects, and more
    • Build process is quicker
    • Buffer One option for events
    • Avatar animations, gestures and emotes can be customized
    • Avatar upload warns about rigs that break FinalIK
    • Integrated Unity post processing stack
    • Added VRC_SyncVideoPlayer
  • Changes
    • Turned on Future Proofing by default when uploading worlds and avatars
  • Fixes
    • Many bugs in authorization and login flow
    • VRCCam in SDK should default to a better preview position and settings
    • Future Proofing is much quicker when iterating on worlds and avatars

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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