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VRCHAT 0.12.0p1 && VRCHAT 0.12.0p2


  • Features
    • Optimized some avatar animation components
    • Optimized performance for dynamic bone on avatars
  • Changes
    • Mic status now persists across worlds
    • Changed default VRChat image in menu
  • Fixes
    • Fixed changing avatars while seated leaves seated idle
    • Fixed third person locomotion animation
    • Fixed loading scene double space tunnel
    • Fixed issue where there was a quick blast of sound when leaving worlds
    • Fixed issue where video player lags everyone except master in a world
    • Fixed bug where two vrchat installation helpers popup when closing VRChat
    • Fixed loading avatar stuck in place
    • Fixed changing avatar in a chair breaking viewpoint position
    • Fixed text overlap in main menu
    • Fixed dynamic portal countdown timer and counter not working
    • Fixed issue where nametags in ground upon first joining a world
    • Fixed issue where tooltip UI on equipped objects is not attached to the object
    • Fixed issue where players randomly become invisible
    • Fixed issue where some animations are not smooth (Heliride)
    • Blocked users are no longer able to send friend requests to the blocker
    • Fixed issues with blocking and unblocking users
    • Potential fix for Video Player lags everyone except master in room after a while
    • Ensure non whitelisted components don’t work on local or remote avatars
    • Fixed hands being rotate incorrectly
    • Fixed static portals
    • Fixed strobe lights in bowling
    • Fixed issues with vive trackers and calibrating
    • Fixed Hub reload issue where there was a bad master
    • Fixed issues surrounding object childed to the VRC_SceneDescriptor
    • Fixed guns acting like non equip objects
    • Changing avatar while calibrating avatar for full body tracking no longer breaks locomotion
    • Fixed issue where avatars are dragged across map when teleporting
  • Known Issues
    • Mic status now persists across worlds


  • Features
    • Added VRC_CustomRendererBehaviour (includes RealtimeGIUpdated)
  • Changes
    • Restrict certain components that can be uploaded on an avatar to save performance
    • Replaced Ethan with tutorial avatar
    • Removed VRCYoutube prefab
    • More SDK example changes
    • Updated SDK examples
    • VRC_Trigger proximity defaults to 1 instead of 100
    • VRC_SyncVideoPlayer works with lists of urls
    • VRC_SyncVideoPlayer supports Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion links
  • Fixes
    • Avatar pedestals update when blueprint id is changed


  • Features
    • Author of an world is now able to sticky kick a user from the world or an instance for 1 hour
    • Author of an world is now able to warn a user from the world or an instance
    • Mod spawned polaroid camera can be used by users
    • Performance improvements
  • Changes
    • Changed “Request Host” button to ”Report Abuse”
    • Change "host" on nametag to "mod"
    • Only display user kicked message to initiator of vote-kick [Community Request]
    • Added black outline to nameplate text for easier reading
  • Fixes
    • Hand gesture should reset to default when user removes finger from vive pad [Community Request]
    • Fixed error spam with AvatarPedestal
    • World metadata initialized immediately upon world load
    • Fixed VRCHIVE 360 photos
    • Fixed infinite reload when launching from a bad VRC url
    • Worlds open for a long period no longer take extra time to load for new players
    • Fixed memory leak in worlds open for long periods of time
    • Fixed particle effects on portals
    • Fixed VoteKick not working if player to be kicked is master client
    • Players vote-kicked from world no longer get stuck in infinite loop
    • Reference camera post effects no longer carry over from world to world
    • Fixed mod spawnable polaroid cameras

SDK v2017.12.12

  • Features
    • Added OnStationEntered Trigger [Community Request]
    • Added OnStationExited Trigger [Community Request]
    • Add LeaveStation Trigger Action, which evicts whoever is in the target station from the station [Community Request]
    • Add a SetOwner Trigger Action, that can set the owner of a target GameObject to Instigator [Community Request]
    • Add a "Trigger Custom Actions at Random" Trigger Action, allowing only one of a given set of custom triggers to be triggered at random. [Community Request]
  • Changes
    • Convert VRC_Chair to use Triggers
  • Fixes
    • PipelineSaver is no longer flagged during avatar upload
    • Fixed PlayerMods editor script

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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