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VRCHAT 0.12.0p3 && VRCHAT 0.12.0p4


  • Features
    • General performance improvements
    • Added Friends Only instance type, where only friends of the instance owners can join
    • Votekicks are now sticky for the world instance
    • Instance owners can kick, warn and turn off other users’ mics
    • World authors can kick, warn and turn off other users’ mics
    • Moderator actions for instance owners and authors are available from the quick menu
    • Added some checks to ensure users can’t accidentally back into a portal
    • Added different icons for different notification types
    • Added error world to send users when they get stuck in infinite loop
    • Ban messages now display reason and length of ban
    • Public Ban Type where banned users are banned from public worlds instead of the entire app
    • Added Desktop tutorial
    • Improved IK <-> animation blending
  • Changes
    • Client changes avatar audio sources to spatial
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue where blending IK and locomotion results in avatars being dragged behind player
    • Fixed bug that disconnected users when changing worlds after spending more than an hour in a world
    • Fixed default alien avatar so it doesn’t have a bright glow in worlds with bloom
    • Fixed Search UI in client is all white if you've visited a world with a web panel
    • Fixed bug where pickups aren’t destroyed for new users even though the pickup was actually destroyed
    • Fixed bug where desktop users see wrists vibrating on avatars
    • Fixed bug where VRC_Trigger executes buffered event, is destroyed, then new users get bad FPS
    • Fixed issue where some users couldn’t load into large worlds
    • Video player playlists no longer show white screen when users join mid video
    • Multiple video players in scene no longer cause performance hitches
  • Known Issues
    • Unblocking users can result in them not being unblocked correctly, restarting client fixes it and lets you and unblocker see each other again

SDK v2017.12.12

  • Features
    • Added SetAnimatorInt event
    • Added ability to specify spawnPoint in ObjectSpawn event
  • Changes
    • Whitelist LineRenderer on avatars
    • Upgraded Sdk pano prefab
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue where random avatars and worlds are overwritten when a different avatar or world is uploaded
    • You can have prefabs that are not in the scene instantiate other prefabs that are not in the scene
    • Fixed issue with ObjectSync/TeleportTo rpc where chaging targetLocatoin param on one object changed it on others
    • Removed broken warning incorrectly stating client and SDK are incompatable


  • Features
    • Users can change email and password from their homepage
    • Users can create invite-only links to instances from the website
    • Users can search for other users from website


  • Changes
    • Non-Steam account email addresses must be verified to login to client. You can resend your verification or update your email address from www.vrchat.com/home/profile
    • Adjusted falloff distance for Avatar Audio Sources, it should now match voice falloff distance more closely
    • Avatar pedestals now show avatar image instead of avatar model (turns out downloading all avatars in avatar worlds are inflating our server bills. Hope everyone understands. May make it an optional setting in the future)
    • Many VRChat worlds (HUB, Bowling, etc) now come bundled with client and load without a download (won’t go live until a few days after patch)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue that caused videopanel to play error video when videopanel loaded without video playing
    • Fixed issue where portals to private worlds split up people into their own instances
    • Fixed an error that could cause destroying of objects to reduce framerate significantly in games such as CTF
    • Fixed issue where doing an emote with a non-humanoid avatar caused you to no longer be able to move
    • Fixed issue where voice chat audio was heard from incorrect locations for remote players (if you are experiencing this, it’s because your avatar is doing something weird with audio source)
  • Known Issues
    • Unblocking users can result in them not being unblocked correctly, restarting client fixes it and lets you and unblocker see each other again

SDK v2018.

  • Fixes
    • Fixed issues where some users were unable to upload content

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