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VRCHAT 0.12.0p6 && VRCHAT 0.12.0p10 && VRCHAT 0.12.0p11


  • Changes
    • Manages server load better
  • Fixes
    • Fixed 9 degree rotation on avatar pedestals


  • Fixes
    • Server and security updates
  • Known Issues
    • Eye simulation (tracking) is not working, will be fixed in next patch


  • Changes
    • Due to security updates, users can no longer request invites from players in private instances. We are aware that this may be confusing or frustrating, and we will be addressing this feature again shortly.
  • Fixes
    • Eye simulation works again!
    • Audio bug progress. Should be less frequent but if you encounter it please send us video or steps to reproduce.
    • Fixed issue where certain pickups only could be picked up by master.
    • Fixed issue where static portals didn't take users to the same instance.
    • Local testing has been fixed (requires new SDK).
    • Fixed issue where objects deleted caused performance drop.
    • In the world details we now show 20 automatically selected instances of a world that are sorted to be more meaningful to users, instead of all instances of that world.
    • Fixed bugs and updated the automatic instance selection where users were loading into an empty hub or other worlds.

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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