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Skyworld - Patch 1

Skyworld Patch 1 Now Live

First off, a special thank you for your patience to those who have been waiting for their language to be implemented in the game.

We have now pushed our first update live on Steam and Oculus Home which not only includes a range of gameplay changes, bug fixes and additional features, but most of our planned in-game languages as well. 

Have a look at the patch notes below, give the new update a spin and let us know your thoughts on the discussion boards!

Bug fixes
  • Getting stuck at the end of mission 3
  • Getting stuck in the mine section in mission 2
  • Mission 8 reload issue
  • Menu book not opening at the start of the game
  • Tool tips sometimes not showing backgrounds
  • Getting stuck on "Insane" after mission 3
  • Re-center world view issue
  • Occasional freeze upon level end
  • Losing a worker pawn when holding it while destroying a building
  • Multiplayer hosting improved
  • Freeze upon changing graphical presets
  • Bug showing Berserker in card
  • Missing audio-files during battle

Gameplay changes

  • You can now only defend watchtowers while standing next to them with a general (instead of being in the same region)
  • You can now revive a general even if an enemy general is your home region
    Magic Barrier now clears active spells in its area, but these become active again afterwards
  • Mission 3 now says "You've Escaped" when you complete it successfully
    Spells are now cheaper to research (except Freeze)
  • Upgrade costs for units level 2 (silver) and 3 (gold) are now more expensive
  • Mission 2, 4, and 6 are now a little more easy in the beginning
  • Knight now has a longer cooldown between attacks
  • Removed "Very Easy", "Very Hard" and "Insane" Campaign settings, tweaked other settings
  • Removed "Very Easy" and "Insane" Skirmish settings, tweaked other settings

Added features
  • Streamer Custom Camera feature

Language update
  •  German
  •  French
  •  Italian
  •  Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese

We have been promised by our localization agency that Chinese and Korean should follow any moment now. We will implement these as soon as we receive them and expect both to be live early next week. 

양해 해 주셔서 감사합니다!
[Translated using Google Translate]

Created by VERTIGO GAMES, posted by Hexone

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