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Skyworld - Patch 3

Patch 3 Now Live

Hi all,

Another update from our side. The 3rd patch for Skyworld is live, full patch notes are below. Among other things, this fulfills a recurring request from players: the option to switch on/off the table flip. By switching it off, you will instead of the table flip see a black fade. 

Added features:
  • Option to split language settings for audio and text.
  • Option to switch on/off table flip.

Balance tweaks:
  • Reworked towers and region rules.
  • Towers can now be destroyed even if the enemy general is in the same region.
  • Generals now need to stand next to the tower in order to defend them.
  • Reworked mission 3 end sequence: 
    - Instead of switching to Insane difficulty during mission 3 to force players to lose (as part of the story line), players are now propelled into the end sequence to avoid player confusion.

  • Fixed bug that starts the game in demo mode when you own the full version. (29-11)
  • Fixed bug that soft-locks the game when the player loses a game.
  • Fixed capture/stream camera.
    - Now properly works in the sublevels and during table flip.
    - Now does not respond to VIVE controller input anymore.
  • Fixed localization errors.
    - Fixed menus not adjusting after changing language.
    - Fixed text out of bound in panels.
  • Fixed paratrooper ghost incorrectly rotated.
  • Fixed voice lines being cut off in the combat arena.
  • Added voice effects for Jeffrey and the Overlord.

Thanks for playing and let us know your thoughts on this latest version of Skyworld below!

Created by VERTIGO GAMES, posted by Hexone

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