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Day Of Day - Kickstarter Update

The game, on the early devellopement project teaser you can see a simularity between our gameplay and an other game "Summoners Wars" or others, its normal because we use the same game type, RPG TURNBASED.

Day Of Day is our first "big" project we show in public, we already have made the core of the project, approximatly 50 characters to hire, Gameplay History, Friend system, Stamina etc..

First you start with Jiaxu, a strong Coemon (Here we talk with Coemon for character name). Its an water type so you can have 2 more Jiaxu [Forest/Fire]. You will need to farm on the first island to level up, gain some news coemon. Aftert that you will earn some coins to buy "Hiring Scroll" with this you can get other good or bad coemon with some luck, every coemon have their unique skills. 

When you finally can farm the first boss you will earn some Runes, this can upgrade your character stats for more power (we work on a special way because Runes is already use by other game)  !

Farm boss is the only way to gain Runes [Forest/Water/Fire/Corrupted/Divine], exept the ancient island (Coming Soon).

You can also customize and upgrade your raft into a beautiful big ship and put some decoration/music on it to enjoy your unique history !

So if you are interested please come check it out here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mysterysouls/day-of-day-turnbased-rpg-mobile-pc-game?ref=creator_nav


Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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