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I didn't like how the Kanna on this site had broken textures so I found one that worked. My vrchat name is nuclearsyrup, I usually hangout in the great pug, hit me up if you see me.

This model come 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic Bones and colliders
-Eye Tracking

(UPDATE) In the latest update, I've fixed the issue with the expressions all ways showing. Though I've had to disable them, I do plan on figuring out how to implement those materials correctly i the future. I did this to make my audience satisfied.

This is a finished avatar that I will be updating progressively as my skills get better. Comment if you want to help.

Thanks for the 1st trending and 5,000 downloads and most downloaded and 1st top rated!!! The Kanna Army is that much closer to dominating vrchat and then the world!

This model is free to modify, I just did all the things necessary to make it work in vrchat. If you do decide to make a modified verison of mine and post it please make sure you tell me and mention me. Since I am a part of the Kanna Gang, members are free to use this as their main since Kanna Gang is under a bit of fire right now from the VRChat team for no good reason.

Be sure to check out my new avatar, Kawaii Kanna 1/2 Sized

Created by Nuclearsyrup, posted by Hexone

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  • Hexone
    2018-04-20 09:28:02


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