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This avatar has a ton of stuff in it. I added 5 custom sound effects to different emotes so you can feel like Autismo the Great.

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named OpenMe placed in the folder named Autism
5. Upload

Custom Emotes:
Autistic Hi
Autistic Screeching 1
Autistic Screeching 2
I'll Slit Your ThroatNeck
Dab with Bass Boost

FingerGun: Annoyed
RockNRoll: Confused

Created by Hexone, posted by Hexone

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Reviews (1)

  • EnObliO
    2018-04-26 15:57:20

    crazy skin :)

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